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Memorials and order forms

There are various options for memorials available for consideration as described on this page. You can print off any of the order forms by clicking on the button next to the relevant heading, with the exception of stone memorials where a visit to the office is advisable to view the various stones and colours available.

Book of Remembrance

The book, housed in the Chapel of Remembrance, is bound in blue Levant Morocco leather and the cover design, hand tooled in gold, represents typical wild flowers of the Chiltern Hills. The leaves are of sheepskin vellum. Inscriptions are normally entered under the date of death and a page is turned daily so that the names inscribed appear annually on the anniversary day.

View Book of Remembrance

Handmade reproductions of the memorial inscription, as it appears in the Book of Remembrance, are available on a folded Remembrance Card or in a miniature Book of Remembrance. They are particularly suitable as a personal keepsake, or for sending to those who cannot easily visit the Crematorium.

The folded Remembrance Card, approximate size 165mm x 120mm, has a reproduction of the Book of Remembrance cover on the outside. Inside a copy of the inscription is hand inscribed, and it is supplied with a protective PVC wallet.

The miniature Book of Remembrance, approximate size 205mm x 150mm, has a full binding in leather. The cover is gold blocked with a design resembling the original Book of Remembrance. The copy of the inscription is hand inscribed on the centre page. Additional inscriptions may be added at any time. The miniature Book of Remembrance is supplied in a protective box.

The Remembrance Book can be viewed in the Chapel of Remembrance on the appropriate anniversary without an appointment. Entries for all other days may be viewed on the touch screen computer by following the simple on-screen instructions. Entries can only be viewed on the touch screen once they have been permanently entered into the main Book of Remembrance.

Remembrance Book application form Bierton (Word doc) [18KB] (opens new window)

Shrubbery Commemorative Plaque

The shrubbery commemorative plaque replaces the rose bed plaque which has been discontinued.  The memorial plaques will be fixed onto wooden posts erected throughout the shrubbery.

The initial dedication is for either a three or five year period. At the end of the period, for a fee, it can be extended for a further three or five years, and there is no limit to the number of times the period can be renewed in this way.

Shrubbery order form bierton (Word doc) [15KB] (opens new window)
Shrubbery Plaques price list 2022 (PDF) [344KB] (opens new window)

Stone Memorial Plaque

A specific area of the Garden of Remembrance at the Crematorium has been developed as a site for the stone memorial plaques. These plaques are fixed along the edge of pathways meandering through the garden and include a flower vase. When families wish it the cremation ashes can be scattered on the grass behind the memorial. The dedication period for stone memorial plaques is for either five or ten years, and as with the rose bed plaques this period can be renewed as often as relatives may wish. Please enquire at the Crematorium for details on Stone Memorial Plaques as they can show examples of the various choices.

Application for 9 X 12 stone memorial plaque bierton (Word doc) [16KB] (opens new window)
Application for 9 X 18 stone memorial plaque Bierton (Word doc) [16KB] (opens new window)
Stones Memorials Price list 2022 (PDF) [208KB] (opens new window)

Above Ground Memorial Vault - The Sanctum 2000

Sanctum 2000 Made from polished Granite - room for two sets of ashes

Sanctum 2000

12" x 15" Fascia plaque, flower holder in base
5, 10 or 20 year lease available choice of colours

The Sanctum 2000 above ground memorial vault (PDF) [92KB] (opens new window)
Sanctum 2000 application form (Word doc) [21KB] (opens new window)
Sanctum Price list 2022 (PDF) [124KB] (opens new window)

Motifs for Stones and Sanctums

Motifs - badges (PDF) [526KB] (opens new window)
Motifs - floral (PDF) [2MB] (opens new window)
Motifs - religious (PDF) [326KB] (opens new window)
Motifs - transport (PDF) [305KB] (opens new window)
Motifs - wildlife (PDF) [557KB] (opens new window)
Motifs - wildlife / pets (PDF) [388KB] (opens new window)

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